This Ridiculous Life Podcast

This Ridiculous Life Podcast

Entrepreneurs, parents and partners Cory and Lindsey Miller talk, laugh and cry about the ups and downs of life

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    TRL Episode 11: You just do it.

    Cory and Lindsey missed a week of recording, kids, work, travel and an unexpected snow day left them with no time to record. So, this episode asks, how do you juggle life?

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    TRL Episode 9: On The Transition Road Again Part 1

    Cory isn't the only one transitioning careers. Lindsey moved from political consultant to stay at home mom to technology partner manager and wants to share about how that came to pass.

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    TRL Episode 8: What I Want to Be When I Grow Up with special guest Carrie Dils

    This week we brought in our first guest host, who is embarking on her own adventure and living her ridiculous life, the always incredible Carrie Dils. We talked about our shared pasts and what the future might hold for all of us when (or if) we ever grow up.

    We recorded this episode at the beginning of Carrie embarking on a cross country trip at the beginning of January. Now, she is in California and has visited many friends along the way. Follow along with her on Twitter @cdils and see what she is doing now, and on her website at:

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    TRL Episode 7: I Almost Gave You Salmonella

    The holidays can be a very stressful time, but is it more stressful when you have food poisoning? Thankfully, we didn't find out this year. Cory made a big confession in this weeks episode and turns out we almost knew exactly what having family over, finishing errands, toddlers and food poisoning would have looked like during the holiday season this year.

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    TRL Episode 6: Live, Late Breaking News

    This week on This Ridiculous Life we have breaking news and the first one-on-one interview with Cory Miller after his big announcement yesterday.

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    TRL Episode 4: The Year of the Cousins

    After a long hiatus, we used our Day Date to record a couple new episodes of This Ridiculous Life podcast. In this episode we talk about the Year of the Cousins and how special it’s been to hang out with our family, with plenty of shenanigans and a trip to ... Read moreTRL Episode 4: The Year of the Cousins

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    TRL Episode 3: Pretending Fancy aka How We Do Travel

    In Episode 3 of This Ridiculous Life podcast, we talk about the principles we discovered about traveling that we cherish. Choosing experiences over things Make friends everywhere End on a high note Traveling with kids? Just do it And pretending fancy

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    TRL Episode 2: That Time You Wanted to Be a Bartender

    After recording Episode 1 with about 4 hours notice of This Ridiculous Life podcast, we got on a roll and did another last night. Episode 2, titled by Lindsey, and you’ll learn why, is “That Time You Wanted to Be a Bartender.” We continue talking about our physical health journey together and ... Read moreTRL Episode 2: That Time You Wanted to Be a Bartender

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